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Hey! Im Danni

As a youngster, you would have been hard pressed to find me doing anything other than taking photos. I was addicted to the process of being able to capture and manipulate light and movement, evoke moods and distill moments in time. 


It wasn’t until I started sending those photographs into competitions collecting the blue ribbon against seasoned experts, and submitting my pieces to high-end magazines where they’d be published in the pages not long after, that I realised my passion could well become my profession. 


Following a corporate career and the birth of my son, I set about refining and honing my professional photography skills. You see, anyone one can pick up a camera, set it to automatic and shoot, but there’s a real art and science to getting the best possible image. 


It takes confidence with the camera, built over weeks and months and years of testing and pushing the boundaries. It takes a sophisticated appreciation for settings, and knowing how to respond to light, weather, people and landscapes. In fact, that’s one of the most exhilarating elements of being a professional photographer; striving to control all the variables to bring the best out in photos and situations. 

Then, there’s the polishing phase. In an era where amateur photographers push towards brightness and boldness in colours, the nuances of tones, textures and moodiness are often overlooked. For me, it’s all about evoking the most appropriate emotion from the picture in the editing phase. And unlike many major photography companies, nothing in my process is outsourced. I’m there from the initial discussion, to the live shoot, to the tinkering and tweaking in the edit. It’s a highly personalised process performed with a whole lot of love. 


I’m quite down to earth and a little bit sarcastic. I love random chats about life, family and creating beautiful images for my clients. When we meet, I can promise you 2 things - laughs till your stomach hurts usually at my own expense as well as beautiful photo memories that will last a life time.

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